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-Windows Vista (x86 and x64 processors)
-Not developed for Unix OS or Mac OS

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1. Download zip file

2. Unzip

3. Run the "setup.exe" file, follow directions

To run:

1.  Double-click the desktop icon once install, or start from the Program list
Leif Peterson, 5/13/2008
After program startup, enter the search term "SOM microarray", and then click on the                  button.
After using the term "self-organizing map microarray" and searching again, we find a few more papers:
Below are the results, which suggest that not too many papers were found.
Next, select the papers for which you want to generate cited text and bibliography citations:
Once the selections have been checked, process the citations by clicking on:
You will then notice the cited text in the left textbox and the citations in the right textbox:
Click on the                            button to copy text from each textbox. 
In your LaTeX editor, paste the cited text after the \begin{document} command, as follows:
The above method used article titles for the cited text.

If you want to use the entire abstract as cited text, then select the "abstract" option here:
Then, click on the                                                     button again, and you will notice the abstracts in the cited text:
Regarding citation formats, the above methods formed citations for the Bibliography environment in LaTeX.   If you want citations in BibTex format, then select the option:
followed by clicking on:
and you will observe the citations in Bibtex format, which can be copied and pasted into a .bib file.
(C) 2008 Leif E. Peterson
Note:  The rationale for generating the sentences with citations (in the above example) is to create a draft introductory paragraph on the topic you specified for the search.   Using the draft sentences created, you can now use the list of facts (paper titles) and their citations to formulate an introductory paragraph.   In addition, this method will be useful for developing a discussion section, when you need to synthesize your results with other published research. 

There is no expectation that you will use the exact sentences created in your final publication, since it is unethical to "lift" prior writing by an author and use the material verbatim (i.e. unchanged) in your final documentation.   Overall, BibTexPubMedMiner is a program that should accelerate the writing of papers, reports, dissertations, masters theses, etc.

Example search terms which work well:

self-organizing maps microarray
k-means microarray
fuzzy c-means microarray
eif4ebp1 prostate  (this is a gene that only comes up for prostate cancer)
artificial neural network microarray